Thursday, 2 August 2007


Look at these poor babies. They are all get forgotten by their buyers. Well, not only these I show on the picture but more in my workshop & inventory... yes So many unresponsible people send me an order forms in ordering a special & unique name chain OR Lockets for their friends their ownself their lovers their kids.. & then after I spent FEW HOURS using my heart to craft each of them & packed them in a gift boxes.. IMing them but they never response. & leave these poor babies in my workshop. Why I spent that much time on it? as they are not texture name but I use tiny prims to make every alphabats. & to make it look like shining & details , I make the textures on every prims of the alphabat keep moving. Well, I really don't care (but better not lol) if you cancel order after you waste my few hours in making them but PLEASE at least call me back & say you want to cancel the order instead of I keep waiting.
There is one even worst case is that she request me to take a picture of the necklace she ordered & then I sent her but she never contact me again. well I waste 10L plus few hours of my time in crafting them when I am thinking if she do some cheating like using my picture to make a texture necklace.. I don't know but feel not really good.
Honestly I make name chain is to earn stable money for paying my rents of all my land & mini stores, my premium account fee & uploading cost. It is so sad when I spent couple of hours on that & then never can contact you to pay & get them. Hey people, would you mind & can I BEG you if you are not planning to buy it, PLEASE don't send me the order form so I can have more time to design my other jewerlies & craft the custom name necklaces to those who really need them & want them!

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