Monday, 20 August 2007

Where is my MOOD gone...

Yesterday I received a bad news in rl. My youngest cat Teddy need to have a surgery about fixing his loosing knee soft bone (don't know the exactly name in English) issue. Vet said that he will be very pain for a month after surgery. But if he don't fix it, he will keeping worst. I keep worrying about him & thinking if I will let him do the surgery. Well the cost of the surgery is kinda high , it's like $1300USD & the vet even can't ensure he will be perfectly recovered after surgery. Sigh.. I can see he pick up his injured leg when he is walking.. What can I do? surgery or not? really don't know.. when I am using my adult avatar taking picture to let me forget this huge big news.. I received a message from someone call Danito Dagostino. Here is our conversation:-

Danito Dagostino:
hi there.. someone in the scripters channel recommended you make good jewelry.. im looking for somone who can make me full perm jewelry items
Alienbear Gupte:
hi umm what kind of jewelry are you looking for pls? plus what is the purpose or usage for the full perm jewelry you are going to use for please?
Danito Dagostino:
im looking for items to sell in my shop. cross chains, wallet chains, girl jewelry
Alienbear Gupte: sry about that , if for resell purpose, I can't give you full perm permission.
Danito Dagostino: kk

Don't know that why this conversation make me angry, maybe I am really in bad mood today. I am thinking why I spent 1 whole day, a week or even a month full day designing one jewelries while there is someone want to get your design to make money & so greedy that want even full perm of my designs or someone designs to earn money? If you want to sell items, why don't you make by yourself instead of asking others to give you full perm of their designs. But well, none of my business now as I already rejected him..

Anyway today really in bad mood. I wish I can make a decision if I really let my cat to have this surgery. If I plan to let him do the surgery, the other issue is need to collect enough money for my kitty surgery. urghh... Maybe close my in world shop to reduce expenditure in game or maybe .. I don't know... urgh.. time to stop thinking.. Maybe all will go fine. Please pray for my kitty if you read my today's dairy.


Jungle Jewell said...

Ohhh, I'm SO sorry about your cat. I'll keep you both in my prayers. Our hearts hurt so much to see our beloved cats in pain 8^(

Don't Quit Your First Life said...

Heya, we met at the Jewelry Expo auctions and well I am crossing all my fingers and toes and sending positive vibes for your kitty! I have 2 myself and lost 2 older ones (Sheba and Reggie- both have jewelry sets named after them) and I understand how you are feeling. xoxoxoxoxox

Kesseret Steeplechase

Alienbear Gupte said...

thank you so much Jungle & KEsseret. I will see what I can do for him. He keep losing weight. Think he is painful so no mood to eat. sigh. I think maybe I will take him to see more vet see what can I do. :(

Alienbear Gupte said...

We finally decided to take him to have the surgery in this coming Friday 31 AUG 2007. Vet said he will suffer from a serious painful for at least a week. Please pray for him & good luck to him. & wish this surgery really can help him. Thank you so much.

Lil Cat Teddy's mami
Alienbear Gupte