Wednesday, 8 August 2007

First Impression II Fashion Show

The fashion show "First Impression II" that is organised by FIRST IMPRESSIONS, EWING FASHION AGENCY and The Chocolate Runway on 7 August 2007 10:30am slt held in is finally completed. Thx the Executive director Una Ewing & her 4 well-trained models for making this show that success.

This show have 4 designers including me to contribute while just me is designing jewelries only that is the most difficult items to present in the show. Here is our Pretty faces:-

The models act very professionals in presenting the clothing for other 3 designers. They presents the outfit so well & make me shop in Kya Eliot stores lol Here is the link for you to watch the slide of the pictures I took.

Models on the runway Presenting the fashions by the first 3 designer

The last part of the fashion show named "Model's Choice" that is the models select their own outfits in their wardrobe to match my Jewelries. This is my first time in having a fashion show. Well I am so disappointed in my part to be honest. It's hardly to take good shoot on the models who wearing my jewelries but here's some shoot of them:-

Models' Choice (Model in my jewelries)

Why I disappointed?

- Some of my jewelries floating on the models' neck; 90% of the crown cut into the models' hair; some of my jewelries cut into the models' neck/ body that hardly show the full design of my jewelries..

- All guests just look into their outfit instead of my jewelries & make me so upset

- The outfit the models' selected were too sharp so catch all guest attentions to their outfit instead of my jewelries . Make me think "Is my jewerly that suck so no one like? & can't get their attention on?"

Well, the first 3 parts of the show really impress me as they have nice stage, nice executive, nice coordination, nice models.. but on my parts .. tell you the truth I really want to leave when I saw first model wear my jewelry like that. But well, this is good lesson for me though. Next time I will know what to prepare in order to make my jewelries show better in the future fashion show. Well, may be try more model agency if I know where to look for lol

But well This model agency is good for helding fashion show for clothings designers to be honest. This is just their second show but it can show quiet professional. The most attractive thing is they have welling organise with fair price. They even have booklet to show all designers bio, items that show during the fashion show, & landmark of the designers stores. The one more thing impress me is they even make a video for the show. Let's watch their video on their First Impression I -

Can't wait to see their booklet & the video for this First Impression II.

O yes, the sponsor goodies pack impress me too! That is a feather mask, animating fans with ao, feather tail.. etc. Will show you in my next blog when I get outfit to match them. Ah also will show you what I bought from Kya Eliot later :D


Kya said...

Your jewelry definitely does NOT suck! It's amazing, wonderfully detailed and very very pretty. I think the outfits did detract, perhaps the models should have been dressed in black so the eye was drawn to your designs instead.

Alienbear Gupte said...

thank you Kya for saying that:D
I am really happy for your support :D

Ana Lutetia said...

Your jewelery is amazing but not all people know how to adjust prims. I know it took me while to learn and even though I know how to adjust jewelery I suck editing skirts...

Don't you dare stop doing those amazing jewels!

Alienbear Gupte said...

thanks for your compliement Ana. Maybe I expect too much on what they called "professional & well-trained Model". I know not really too many people know how to edit jewelry to fit there body. Think my friend Mui is right, maybe time for me to open a class teaching "how to wear Jewerly in SL" hahaha.. j/k I wish I have such much of time.

Well, Thanks so much for supporting me, your compliement means a lot to me. Sure I will keep designing jewelry!! As I really love jewelries hehe!

Alienbear Gupte said...

After talking with the executive director of Ewing fashion agency, I find that there is the point I write in my blog saying

" Some of my jewelries floating on the models' neck; 90% of the crown cut into the models' hair; some of my jewelries cut into the models' neck/ body that hardly show the full design of my jewelries.."

was not their mistake but just the mistake of SL server connections or my connections.. Read details on

The truth..