Wednesday, 1 August 2007

~*~ Pink doll ~*~

Remember in my previous post "Kawaii Doll!" I said that I find a new nice boot designer at Maitreya ? And I said that I will show you another boot from Maitreya Dune (Wide) - Earthpack I bought there? LOOK at the picture! This is the Dune in Burgundy colour! See it is just a very simple boot me or you will have one in rl BUT look how details it is! Touch the picture & you will see no mater the heels part, or the shape of the boot, or the surface of the boot.. even the colour tones.. JUST can say PERFECT! How real it is! Hehe because of this boots, I can say because of this Maitreya , I went to buy outfits to match them. OMG , even my aunti said she can't believe I can shop like that crazy lol (as she know it is hardly find something I like in SL hahaha) Well, I even kick myself out of other groups & join Maitreya 's update group lol I bought her sandal today & bought tons of runway pose from her! Yes this shop have some nice model pose! & I think I spent like 4k in this shop today.. lol crazy me...

Ok I went to Mischief today AGAIN.. yes again lol I love her mini skirt sooo much. Mostly I buy the full outfit is just because of the MINI SKIRT lol This time same lol see my pink lil mini skirt? It is from an outfit call "**Mis** Think Pink" . Well to be honest the top that match this skirt is ... hehe so I open my wardrobe & find another Mischief Tee "**Mis** Sweet Sass"to match. (well I throw away the original pant that with this top lol) Look Sweet?

Hehe see my belly? Too bad that I was planning to make my belly ring come with the belly chain. But you know all people have different shape & the stars belly rings & the belly chains got too much prim & too complicated that not really too many people know how to edit them when they attached together.. so finally I just separate them to Star Belly rings & Double bands Gemstone Stars Belly chain to release lol But sure for myself hehe, I link them together so I can wear both in the same time! *evil laugh*

Then is my hair! Look cute? This is "ETD Lisa II (Elika's Favs)" in her new texture! Well I get it from group. O yes, My friend Mui Mukerji show me ETD new hair texture long time ago (o yes she is hair tester in ETD). & I love ETD new texture so much ..... not yet release any to public yet :((... So I kick myself from other group & join ETD groups lol Well! the hair style of ETD is VERY good but just have bad texture before. But now.. no I mean in the future., they will have new texture in their awesome hair !!! wootie so exciting! Just see the hair I am wearing, no mater the front , the side or the back.. you can see how real the hair is ..

... colour tons --> PERFECT
... style --> PERFECT ! You can see many layers no mater at the front , side or back
... Prim work --> GOOD

ETD! faster make more hair in new texture please.. I need a TOP hair stylist like you!

Ok the necklace & earrings I select to match this outfit is my Gemstone Star Set (Modify from Apirl 2006 Design) in white diamond .

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