Monday, 27 August 2007

Oriential Tang Dynasty Empress!!

OMG! Look at me! Nicky Ree make me as the Only Empress in China History - Wu Zetian (武則天) ~ my idol~ .. hehe Don't know how to spell her name in English lol Or you can say I am the one of the Top 10 Beautiful woman in China History - Yang (楊貴妃) !!!

Nicky Ree rock this time! She make a Perfect outfit! No more leg showing when I walk! Same as usual the texture is AWESOME! The outfit a bit like traditional Tang Dynasty royalty Woman's outfit. In adding some modern style, it make the whole design look perfect! I know Nicky Ree Work very hard on the prim & flexi setting. She did awesome this time. Just wish Lindens can make the flexi more smooth so no more bouncing of the prim & more easy for the designer to set up the flexi.

O yes! See my hair? Woot! I love China old style outfit & hair style so much! This hair is by a new hairstylist (for me is new lol)
Rei Gully ! The shame is I have no time to make some hair accessory on this hair. Yes In Old style Dynasty in Chinese history, Rich woman / royal lady will wear so many pretty hanging accessory on their hair. They sometime will put flowers on hair too. Rei Gully make many cute hair. His black hair texture is so real & good. He make many cute hair. The most impress me in his shop is the Japanese Traditional Man & Lady hair. This Chinese old style hair is his new creation. He said that it will be release in the coming week.

With all this awesome oriental combinations, I sure need to make an Oriental Jewelry set to match. Touch the 3rd picture & you can see the details of the set. Well, I am not really familiar with oriental old style jewelry even I am Hong Konger lol But I like to watch some old style television progamme in Hong Kong. According to my memory, the lady in royal love wear gold, jade, & flowers accessories. So by inspiration from Nicky Ree Dress, I design this elegant jewelry set to match the outfit & the hair. The green gemstone is the Jade while this time I use darker gold to craft this design out. Yes all by primary prim. Not yet release but I will craft more colour so I can place in my hong kong island shop for sell.

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