Wednesday, 1 August 2007

My Favorite Wardrobe

SL treat me so good AGAIN today.. I am so slow, I am so lag. So I can't make any tiny little things. So I open my wardrobe. I love to be fancy & Princess no matter it is gothic or Fairy tale. So Princess gown is a must in my wardrobe. When I open the Gown Wardrobe, I saw OMG I am really fans of Yuriko - The designer of Silver Rose Design.

See the 2 gorgeous gown I show this time? Yes They were Yuriko Nov 2005 design!! When there was no flexi, when there was no teaching class in SL.. See how details, how awesome the design is! This was my first 2 gown dresses in my wardrobe when I just join SL. But I still adored them SO much! Well, What a shame is .... They are no more in SL as Yuriko already took them away when SL start having flexi options. But I will never throw them away as it is really a real art & hardly find anymore in SL now.

Most of Yuriko Design (Silver Rose Design) are VERY great & AWESOME. I think I nearly buy her shop everytime when she have new release. Sometimes I wish I am in man av as her man victoria outfit is so great & details too. She do most hand drawings on the clothing textures & pattern!

See This is what an awesome outfit designer & artist! I will keep showing other of her designs that is in my wardrobe :D

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