Thursday, 2 August 2007

Woa! White Princess! But... Where's My heels?!

To cheer me up, I open my wardrobe & try on my new Nicky Ree dress "Kelly -silver". Look at this bell shape flexi dress, how real it is! No matter the shading, texture of the satin, patterns on the prim skirt .. all great as usual. Ali now imagine wear this dress & then put on a veil... woa !! OK wake up ali, It's too early for you to dream.

This time Nicky Ree make many improvement on her prim dress making & the flexi setting. "Kelly -silver" have 5 styles, personality I like the bell shape style most as you can see that no more weird alpha prims when you turn around your camera; & when I walk, I can no more see my leg out of the dress when walking! good!

The design of other 4 dress styles are nice & elegant too. But for these 4 dresses styles, think Nicky still need to work more a bit to improve the prim work of the dress & the flexi settings. The flexi settings on the short dress is about right but the train one (the one that need to attach to the center & legs) look a bit weird when walking. Maybe too flexi or whatever. But if just standing or taking picture , they look awesome. Well for the prims making, If in deeper colour, it look ok, but when go to the lighter colour or the white on me, The top part of the prim skirt seems a bit odd in the other 4 styles. It look like many solid cone stick on my body lol But the lower part of all the prim skirt is just awesome & look so real. I can see Nicky want to make it look like some folds on the top of the prim dresses but umm.. it comes out look a bit odd. Well! But the sure is her works still much better than most fashion designer in SL to be honest... Let's wait for her next release to see if she can figure out how to make it perfect!

For the bell shape dress, I use my DEW DROP DIAMONDS LEAVES SET (white) to match. Hehe, I still not yet place the white diamond colour out for this sets lol Right now just have other colours of diamonds lol Okay okay , I promise I will place the white out as soon as possible lol

This is 2 of the other dresses styles. Pretty on me? *blush*

I use my Yuriko Pearl Set (Modify from Feb2006 design) (white pearl) to match my short skirt one. Look elegant? This short skirt is the other one I like in this "Kelly -silver" dress. It look formal but young & elegant. It can suit many occasions.

Ok time to find a nice shoes to match.. umm ... I open my shoes wardrobe.... DAMN! I have many kid shoes, I have many boots, I have many heels but .. can't find one that match this dress.. Come on any nice shoe designer here? I want a simple but nice & elegant white heels to match this dress! Your next challenge?! haha...

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