Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Spilt Me to Gothic? lol

Too bad SL in maintenance again. Well I wake up late today. yes my time is 15 hours ahead slt. I slept at 10am my time & then wake up at 7pm. When I check my email, My friend Mui sent me many offline message & called for "help". I was worried & then I log in. She told me she got a new dress from Allure & can't find any jewelry to match & need to help to make her some other gemstones of my royal jewelry to match. Well I have tons of custom orders to work on but how can I reject my HUGE FANS. Yes she feeds me lol She is just so good as most of my friends. They always said if I don't pay you, how can you rent your store, how can you pay your premium account.. etc. So I modify her one of my set to red gemstones to match her dress. & then I show her the Modify version of Princess Diantha Set in black & red rose. She said "OMFG" & asked when I will release lol & then I sent one to my mami AZULL & have the same response said "OMFG". Because of this "OMFG", I know I must start turn my royal jewelry in black in Gothic style. Mui even said that "Ali, your royal jewelry in black is so good, I wonder you spilt to Gothics style." haha.

Mui is really nice & good to me.
She bring me smile when I feel frustrate & sad.
She cheer me up when I feel lost.
She teach me how to promote my store when I feel no one appreciate my work.
She even sent my designs to bloggers when I am too shy to sent.
She gave me confident to try my first time to sponsor my design to other fashion designers & few Bloggers
She cheer me up & support me when I feel my design suck as got rejected from or never see that designer use of my design.

Yes I am the one who is so EMOTIONAL- upset easy, happy easy, frustrate easy & crazy easy; who is lack of CONFIDENT; who is CONCERN about others COMMENTS; who want all people wear my designs in HAPPY & PRIDE feeling; who is STRAIGHT FORWARD; who is VERY PICKY & PERFECTIONIST.... So I am so happy to meet this Virtual friend Mui as she never lie on me & give me true comment of my design. Yes I need true comment no matter it is good or not. As I believe NO COMMENT NO IMPROVEMENT! Thank you so much Mui ! You really means a lot for me :D

Tell you some funny thing, I have no art background in rl, I know nothing about drawing, nothing about graphic design. My previous rl career is totally different to what I am doing in SL now lol I was working in construction industry before. But after playing SL, I find that I really love design. I am gonna to take a course about Multi Media Graphic design in rl ! Maybe If I find that I have talent on it, I will keep taking more course so I can bring more & more creative design in much more better skills to all you guys. Okies see you guys in my next dairy. :D

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Anonymous said...

It is wonderful that you have found such a good friend in SL, and you are a good friend too! In the end, it is what makes SL worth it all.