Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Bride of Celestial

I love wedding dress so much. This wedding dress is one of my new, innovative & best collections in my wardrobe. This gown is Allure 's custom design for her client who want to be in star bride. See it is so gorgeous & innovative. The texture on the top is very details & nice. If you like Stars & Poofy gown, this is the must you need to get for your wedding. The set comes with 6 design of tops & then for the gown dress, it is flexi with 2 style of gown. The one I am wearing is the Reception Gown that is a shorter style of gown dress while the other one is the Long fancy Ceremony Gown. She even make the Prims stars with pearls at the front of the belly & back. You can see the sparkling lil diamonds on the surface of the gown dress. The one I really need to appreciate about is the flexi setting of the prim gown. It look so real when you walk. It just set a bit flexi just like the real big gown dress, it won't flying up high to see your leg when you walk. It is just about right.

Because I really love this dress, I even design a set to match this gown & the bridemaid dress she gonna design. That is my Celestial Bride Set & the Bridemaid set. (You can even check the close up pic in my previous post - New inspiration - Bride of stars & My *Evil* Black Star Set ).

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