Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Dark & Bright Princess Twins

Is this a Gorgeous Gothic Chapel? Well this is one of the wedding theme of my First SL mami's AZULL Ash new wedding place. Yes she is now building her Dream & fantasy wedding place & plan to do offer many wonderful weddings to all SL couple to be. Right now she have like 5 main theme, will show you others later hehe. This Gorgeous Gothic Chapel is inside the Gothic Castle.

I remember Mui have a similar gown (from Allure by Sparkle Skye) like me but in different colour, So I TPed her to this grand new castles to take some pictures. On the picture, the white princess is Mui while the gothic one is me ! Dark & Bright Princess Twins lol

My gown named "*SS*Milady Gothic". Yes I bought this to match my coming release black jewelries hehe. These are absolute Gorgeous gown with nice design, nice texture, ok flexi setting. The cape can take off. The Jewelries set we are wearing are my Queen of Snow Neveda Set in rudy Platinum & red Black . Right now my store haven't got this 2 colours as I modify the gemstone of this Neveda set to match our gown.

The hair we are wearing is from Inari Boardwalk Shops-Curl up and Dye Salon who make awesome Princess look hairs. Personally I think her Black, Red pack & Brown pack is the best textures among her other colour pack. But you can buy the Fatpack too as the 2 hairs we are wearing have some hidden hair colour texture inside the fatpack. These hair texture in the Princess hair style is good. She have a very good prim work on few princess hair style.

I did bought few more gown & hairs, show you guys in my later post :D


Ana Lutetia said...

You two always look beautiful.

Alienbear Gupte said...

Thank you so much Ana. You can be that beautiful like us too! Just shop in Allure for the Princess Dress (Have other colour & designs too); Inari Boardwalk Shops-Curl up and Dye Salon for the princess hair; & My shops for the jewelries (evil laugh)... & you can be the prettiest Princess like us! haha

Carissa said...

I always love seeing the photo shoots of the two of you. ALWAYS gorgeous.

And I GOTTA have that HAIR!!

I wanna be a pretty princess TOO!! *grins*

Alienbear Gupte said...

Tysm Carissa. Yes buy it buy it! If you didn't buy yet, you can im me in world , I can show you all colour tons but in other hair style so you can decide which to buy hehe.

& yes you will be the pretty princess!! Join us & take picture together next time :D

Mui Mukerji said...

YES more join use to take pic !!! we are more than welcome everyone come take evil pic haha ^^