Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Busy Bee...

Been a week didn't write my dairy here, yes I am so busy in both rl & sl these days. How are you guys?

Remember my previous dairy regarding my youngest cat Teddy's injured knee? (read Where is my MOOD gone...) We finally make our decision to take him to have the surgery in last Friday 30 August 10:00am. (that is 29 Aug 7:00pm sl time). He stayed at the Vet clinic for nearly whole day. It's at night when I picked him home.

I bet he was so painful. My tears can't stop when I hear his screaming during transferring him from his cat hand-carried bag to his new cage. I know he is so painful. These few days I keep taking care of him. Vet said that he might have his loose knee bone in the future again but well at least we try to help him fixed again even the cost are real expensive. Think I must work hard in SL to earn more money for his medical fee. :(

O yes SL... I joined the Jewelry Expo (15 Sept- 22 Sept 07) that organized by a very generous person Miriel Enfield . As the theme of this expo is "Celestial", I designed a gorgeous jewelry set for this jewelry expo charity auction called Queen Galaxy. This set have Crown, necklace, earrings, bracelet & ring. I designed a Dark Queen, Gold Queen & Platinum Queen for this auction set. It represent the royal side of the Queen Galaxy who rule her Celestial her universal. Apart from this auction set, I will place out the 30 sets of the diamond version (10 black/10 silver/10 Gold) as a limited edition set. Will show the picture here before the day of the expo.

I also designed few sets that are in Celestial theme & will set as 1L gifts set! When you read the name "Celestial", you will feel so familiar since I have a set named as Celestial Bride Set & the Bridemaid set. Yes I will place this set in this jewelry expo too. I planned to make a gold set and maybe if I have time, I will make a ring, bracelet & armband to match it :D Just see if I have enough time. As I can't back to SL until 8 Sept 2007 evening since I need to take a whole day IELTS English test on that day so I need to have some practice before that. Okies see you guys later.



Mui Mukerji said...

omg poor kitty ... sorry about him ...:((

Jungle Jewell said...

Get well soon Kitty!

Alienbear Gupte said...

tysm Jungle & Mui. I will try my best to take care of him :d

busy ali in rl preparing her test lol

Tenshi said...

Poor kitty!! Get better soon!!! Kitties aren't supposed to be sick; they're too little! *snuggles for kitty*

Aradia Dielli said...

awww poor baby, I hope he gets better soon. Here's me sending tons of love, hugs and good wishes your way. *kisses the booboo on the poor baby*