Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Jewelry expo Day 5 ... Anyone here?!

Just have time & visit the Jewelry Expo (15 Sept -22 Sept). O good no lag there, I am so happy but then I check the map. o haha.. I know the reason. because the sim just have 1 person.. that means "me" only hahaha.. Yes think it is mid night for many Americans. it is 2am when I stop by. but I am thinking where is the European people that always around? Where's those Asian one like me that don't need to go to work? "Okies, Maybe just crashed. yes it must be .." I keep thinking. "Maybe hairs are more attractive then jewelry? .. yes it is.. jewelries is also the last one people needs." I must try to do something to gain more attractions. & let more people to know there are jewelry designers in SL working hard to make them more beautiful. It is kinda sad to see the sim just have me .. ANYONE THERE? woot 2:09am now.. 8 people including me. hahaha.. let me try to see if I can do more promotion now!!

How many jewelry designer in this expo? over 80
Who's sponsor?
Shop Onrez
Where's my spot?
Shop 64
Any event?
- Treasure hunt to find 17 hidden boxes
- Auction at Charity auction area that have many UNIQUE auction set designed by some jewelry designer in the expo. & all fund raising will go to AMERICAN RED CROSS!

Bring your friends there now!!!

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