Monday, 17 September 2007

Jewelry Expo 3rd day

Suddenly find that I am so boring when I stop all my design & crafting work lol So I can't wait to try all jewelry I shopped in Jewelry Expo (15 Sept -22 Sept) in my previous 2 days. This shop I really need to talk about as she is really a great scripter & prim maker. She is Kandace Commons from Vertically Challenge. I know her because of her first 3 kid shoes that scripted with changeable colour & the ribbon can even took off from the shoes. She make really cute shoes. & then these days she go into making some lamps, some furnitures & now jewelries! See this cute ads? Well, it is so cute but you never can know that Kandace even can script the necklace to make it show 16 facial expressions!

Touch the pictures above & you can see closer of the picture. I just need to wear the necklace, & then I touch the pendant. it will give me the menu. & when I touch one of the button on the menu, the pendant change to next!! it including 16 facial expression!!! How talent Kandace is!!! Well I even own her Harp necklace. Yes I like Harp so much. Her Harp necklace is so cute & details with tiny prims. you can find these both in her booth Shop 81. Well I even bid her auction set too ! It is just lovely. I wish I can bid that!

Will show you others I bought in the show one by one later.

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