Sunday, 23 September 2007

I Win the Charity Auction Bid !!

The Jewelry Expo (15 Sept -22 Sept) Finally finish. Well, my three auction set can't go to my expected bid but overall they help American Red cross raising $28000L in total. Not bad. Well I am happy that the total 30 limited edition set almost sold & just leave 1 gold set & 2 black sets! This is really selling much than I expected! Thanks all for supporting & loving my design so I can earn that much money this month to cover half of the surgery fee I paid for my Cat's knee surgery. * BOW to all & send tons of kisses to all*

Time for me to start showing what I shop & bid in the Expo. I was showing few in my previous posts (1 , 2). This post I show the set I bid in the expo! Yes I used $10000L to bid this set home. This set is from Vertically Challenged, named Celestial. Woa the box look good. I can't wait to open it...

Woa it have one set of gold & one set of silver that with tiara, necklace, earring & bracelet. Look at me:-

This set is not bad, I like the design. you can touch the picture to see it details. The Dress I am wearing is from Allure by Sparkle Skye. Yes this wedding dress name is Celestial too! The one I am wearing is her Reception gown in the full dress pack. (I showed few other pieces in my previous post at Bride of Celestial) Her dress including tons of pieces. The overall design is just innovative & gorgeous. The prims setting are about right. Sparkle even use tiny prims to craft the stars decorations on the front & at the back. With changeable tiny little sparkling on the surface of the dress. I just look like Princess of the star. I like the flexi setting of this dress so much as it never show my legs when walking while the light flexi setting just make it look like real heavy poofy wedding dress. I can say I really want one in real life. Sparkle even show me her new coming babyblue evening star dress, it is just awesome too. Come on Sparkle, I can't wait to buy your new dress & show off! Faster release please!!! So all will going to jealous me again!

I've got a wardrobe to place Allure dresses now! I promise I will show you one by one ^^ o yes & the jewelry I shop in expo. I will show I will show! Just keep checking my blog to see what is in my wardrobe :D

Have a nice day all :D


Mui Mukerji said...

jealous !!! hehe Jk !! congrats Alien !!!

Alienbear Gupte said...

Wootie!~ All limited edition sets sold! Thx all keep supporting. I represent my little kitty, who broke his leg, thanks all to purchase anything in my little spot at expo so it can sponsor half of his surgery fee. thank you so much all. He is now in his recovering period. Thank you so much all! tons of kissess.