Friday, 14 September 2007

Happy bday to me..

Happy birthday to me ..
Happy birthday to me...
Happy birthday to meeeee..
Happy birthday to 2 years old ali...

Yes today 14 sept 2007 is my avatar birthday. OMG already 2 years!? My SL mami's Real life birthday is today too! Here send many kisses to her & wish her healthy now & forever & can come to Hong Kong to meet me in RL after she recovered from her coming surgery.

Woot this remind me my design lines gonna be in her 2 years too! yes 01 Oct 2007 is my Alienbear Design 2 years birthday.. really need to think how to celebrate!! Any suggestion? lol

Okies back to my preparation of Jewelry Expo (15 Sept -22 Sept). I am so exciting! O yes, one black limited set already sold! just 29 sets remained now. Love my limited edition sets? save money now & run into my Shop 64 and fight with others to get the sets lol & if you have extra money & love my auction sets, it will be generous for you to bid my auction set in higher rate so we can connect more money for the American Red Cross. & in the auction area, there are so many other designers donate their unique sets for you to bid too. Don't miss the expo tomorrow! total 92 jewelry designers waiting for showing our designs to you!! Jewelry jewelry & jewelry!!!

I already posted the limited edition sets on my 3 design lines blog:-
** Alienbear Design
** BijouxOr Design
** Alienbear Kid design

Keep checking my blog, I am going to post the new items I will put in the expo too.

Happy birthday to me again!! hehe....

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