Thursday, 20 September 2007

Jewelry expo Day 6... I can wear my designs

I am so happy that in my last rl lesson of my graphic design course, my teacher tell me that my homework PASS! I got a B+ in my first homework! Woot! I just like "throw away all heavy stone from my heart". I am so happy even there is a 2nd tough homework this week. Then I go to my Shop 64 at Jewelry Expo (15 Sept -22 Sept). Good no lag!! *bow to Miriel Enfield*

I stand for a while & come in a young lady. You asked me to show my Oriential Tang Dynasty Empress Jewerly Set & Hair accessory to her. She love it so much & then buy it. Then a couple come in & they asked me to show many others design that I placed in the Jewelry Expo to them. I show & show & show.. wooties, first time can wear that much design in the same hours!! Yes I just have one neck, 2 ears, one head, two hands, 2 arms, 1 belly ... It is impossible to wear all my designs on my body onces!! SO I am really happy that this expo can let me have a chance to wear my designs on my body. I love showing anyone my designs on my body!! I feel so fun in this expo, not only can meet my customers, can shop like crazy, but also can meet many nice lovely people when I feel bored in my Shop 64.

O yes, limited edition set (LES) just remained THREE GOLD, FOUR BLACK & ZERO PLATINUM. Come to buy one for yourself or your love now if you love them!

For the three auction sets in the Auction booth, I was not too happy when I saw the bidding was just in 2500L to 5000L. As these sets are really spent me a lot of time to design & craft. I was planning to use my design to help raising more funds for AMERICAN RED CROSS. When I saw the bid, I was thinking "sorry Miriel Enfield, I can't help getting the fund higher, I already try my best..." but then today I saw that the the Platinum & the Black are in 6000L! & Gold in $5000L. I feel better now, BUT I want it in higher bidding price. It is worth if you love it as it will be ONLY ONE of each now & forever (unless there is someone copy it in RL or SL) & have it's own meaning. Come & bid it if you love them. So we can help more people in real life. Yes all fund will donate to AMERICAN RED CROSS! If you don't like this design? no worry, there are few other designers' auction set there, I bid one too! which one did I bid for? SECRET! I must have that so I won't let you beat me !!! hahaha..


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