Thursday, 13 September 2007

The lost Treasure in Galaxy... Part 4

...The lost Treasure in Galaxy... Part 3... Continues..

In last post we talk about Queen Galaxy meet the designers of the three elegant & mysterious jewelry sets while she accept Alienbear Gupte, the designer, request in donating that three unique set to the Charity auction in the coming Jewelry Expo , a large fair that gather 92 jewelry designers in a place to show of their creations their art; that all the auction money with donate to the American Red Cross... & then she order Alienbear to crafted 45 more sets in all diamonds & pearls (15 gold/ 15 silver/ 15 Black) as limited edition sets for the Jewelry Expo. ..

Alienbear finally get ready for the sets & the Queen Galaxy kept 5 sets of each & plan to gifts to her relatives & friends. Therefore during the Jewelry Expo, there will be only 10 of each available only in the Expo.

(touch the picture to check the details)

The theme of the Jewelry Expo is in the theme of "Celestial". This is a very familiar name for Alienbear as she used to design a modern royal jewelry set for a wedding dress designer Sparkle Skye. The Dress is named as Celestial, so Alienbear use this name as her jewelry set name. Because of this, she plans to show the Celestial set in the Expo & planning to crafted the crown & rings to match it if she can catch the time.

Apart from this 3 auction sets & the 30 Limited editions sets, Alienbear designed few $1L & $5L jewelries for man, lady & kid that will be show in the expo. Keep checking my blog & you will see the designs of them.

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