Saturday, 15 September 2007

Jewelry Expo OPEN!!!

Yes the Jewelry Expo (15 Sept -22 Sept) start today!!! This is my My corner booth Shop 64 at Expo.

The 10 little boxes in the middles are the $1L & $ 5 L jewelry gifts. On one side of the wall is my limited edition set. Woa, Just the first day, but already sold out few limited set. The Platinum set just remain 6 sets; Gold one remain 8 sets ; & Black one remain 9 sets only!! If you love them, bring your wallet & buy it NOW! not sure how it look like on body? Please feel free to im me , I can show you on my body. As I know my photoshop skill suck lol I met one of my customers in the booth today & she asked me to show her these sets on my body. & then she said "How come it look much better on body than on picture lol" yes my bad, I am now trying to learn how to make better graphic. give me time please hehe *giggle*.

You can check out the details of what I design for the expo in my design blogs at :-
** PLATIUM JEWEL - Alienbear Design 2007
** GOLD JEWEL - BijouxOr Design
** KID JEWEL - Alienbear KID Design

This is the entrance of my corner shop. See the little logo on the floor? You can just touch it & check all the landmark of my stores in main castle . my blogs web page, & my Onrez shop link.

This is the Charity auction area . I have 3 unique auction set place out this year. All the money collected will go to American Red Cross. The bid start from today & end on the last minute of 22 Sept 2007. The highest bider will get the jewelry he/she bid for. All bid start from $0L. I just check out there & saw that the bid of the Platinum one is now at $300L; Black one is at $1000L ; while the Gold is at $5000L!! Yes each of them just have ONE set now & forever. Each of them represent different stage of Kingdom of Galaxy. You can IM me in SL if you want me to show you on my body :D You can read the story & other pictures about this set in my blog at:-
- The lost Treasure in Galaxy...
- The lost Treasure in Galaxy... Part 2
- The lost Treasure in Galaxy... Part 3
- The lost Treasure in Galaxy... Part 4

Go to Expo & Check all this out now! Get the bid higher so not only you can be special but also can benefit to the American Red Cross. You don't like my design? No worry, there are other 91 designers work there. There must have one you like. My booth there is Shop 64!!

**NOTE: To minimize the lag there, the Exposition rules claimed that NO bling there & take off all attachment as you can. So all can shop happily & crash lesser. Enjoy your visit & good luck in the Treasure hunt.

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