Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Good news to few :9

Been work for the Jewelry Expo (15 Sept -22 Sept) preparation & promotion work, really need to back to rl for my homework. Think this is a good news to those who don't like me go around in the game. Just kidding ^^ I think I will be back on SL time Thursday after my lesson. Yes to increase my design skills in real life, I really need to do more concentration on my courses. As this game make me feel I really like design. Yes right now I still treat second life as a game & a game for me to show off my designs. Maybe one day after I increase more of my art background, I may be change my view of this game. I will still check my blog or my email, So if you have any questions about my designs, or want me to show you my jewelries on my body in the Jewelry Expo that show in my Shop 64. Just leave me a message in my blog or send me an IM in world. I will try to online to help you or answer or question.

O yes, My Lucky Chair gifts (Platinum Queen Heidi set (5 pieces collected from 5 chairs), Gold Queen Heidi set (5 pieces collected from 3 chairs) & Kid gifts (from 2 chairs) will be take away in 30 Sept 2007. And I won't be place out again. So if you still not yet collect all. Go to my Le'Bear Castle to collect them now. They are transferable. Want to collect them in a faster way, here is some hints:-

* Find the 2 mobVens in Gold & platinum store. TP 15 friends there fast & tell them to touch the mobvens. Then the price of the set will be drop from 2000L to 299L (the lowest price). Then pay the mobven as fast as possible, & you can get the full Platinum Or Gold set.

* Don't have that much money? ok, you can find some friends to stand beside the chairs on each of the floor level. Then TP your friends who have the same first letter of the chairs till you can see your letters & sit . It can make you faster to collect the set.

Good luck.

O while you waiting for your letters, you can take a sit on my Prize chairs, If you sit for 3 hours without got kick out, you will have luck to get my Special stars belly chain.

See you all later.

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