Friday, 21 September 2007

Let's Raise up the Auction bid!!!

Woot I see My Three Charity Auction Sets in Auction booth of Jewelry Expo (15 Sept -22 Sept) of now go to $11000L(Silver ) , $8800L (GOLD) & $8200L (DARK ) now! But can it go higher so we can help raising more funds to AMERICAN RED CROSS? Okies, in my hands there still have one "05 silver LES set" & one "05 Black LES" that I planned to gift out (remember I keep 5 sets of each to gift my helpers, friends & relatives? read The lost Treasure in Galaxy... Part 3). If there is one set that can bid higher than $20000L, I will gift the "05 silver LES set" OR "05 Black LES" to him/her. Yes all auction set is transferable & the LES set is transferable too! You can bid for your self or buy for your love. They will feel special as the My Three Charity Auction Sets are UNIQUE now & Forever unless there is someone copy them in rl or sl. So bid it now & let's help raise more fund to AMERICAN RED CROSS!!!

** Auction will be end at 3PM SL time 22 Sept 2007!!

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