Thursday, 13 September 2007

The lost Treasure in Galaxy... Part 3

...The lost Treasure in Galaxy... Part 2 Continues..

Last post we talk about The Queen Galaxy tried all 3 Royal jewelries Sets in that 3 jewelry boxes & discovered that 3 jewelry sets have it's own power own magic that change Queen Galaxy to 3 different characters. She feels these 3 unique sets is really attractive & gorgeous. She picked up the Jewelries & the Jewelry boxes & keep looking at it...

"How amazing the craftsmanship & the designs.... " She keeps talking to herself. Suddenly, She saw some text crafted on the surface of the boxes. She read & find that the designer of these Gorgeous sets are Alienbear Design and BijouxOr Design. She really want to meet the designers of these jewelry shops so she order all her army to find them...

In the next day, her army bring a young princess to the front of Queen Galaxy. Queen is so surprise that the princess stand in her front is the designer of all this 3 royal sets. Her name is Alienbear Gupte...

Queen Galaxy is so happy to meet this talent princess so she ask if Princess Alienbear want any reward.

Alienbear then requests Queen Galaxy to donate these 3 unique sets to the Charity auction in the coming Jewelry Expo , a large fair that gather 92 jewelry designers in a place to show of their creations their art. All the auction money with donate to the American Red Cross.

The Queen Accept Alienbear request & order her to craft another 45 sets in all diamonds & pearl (15 silver, 15 gold & 15 black) as a limited edition sets for the Jewelry Expo. So more special & elegant lady can share the happiest, royalty, elegant & gorgeous with her.

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