Saturday, 22 September 2007

Jewelry Expo Day 8 ... Last Day

Three Hours left & the Jewelry Expo (15 Sept -22 Sept) will be finished. I am so happy to be participated in this expo.

Here thanks
Miriel Enfield who organized this great fair. I start fall in love with you Miriel. You are not just a good business woman but is a really generous angel. Sorry that my design can't really help to raise too much fund for American Red Cross, but trust me, I already try my best. Wish next year can help raising more.

Next is to thanks Shop Onrez for sponsor this Island to us to have this great Expo. Shop Onrez is an outside game online shopping service company who can let us purchase in game product in a lag free circumference. Her previous name is SLB the SL Boutique. I join them since they were SLB. I enjoy using Shop Onrez so much as it is user friendly. Also, If you want to updated your items & delete the old & upload new in a same name, they never kick you out. You never need to worry not enough prim to use in your store since each one of their vendor box can place 100 of your products. your customer can even search your product directly for your personal onrez store page. The best thing is unlike other online store, this Shop Onrez have NO COMMISSION charging you. So all the money with just go into your pocket! When you need to buy product from there, you just need rez out the ShopOnrez purse & then drop money into that. Then you can buy what you like in a no lag circumference! Try Shop Onrez now!

Next I really need to THANKS are those who help me & teach me how to promote & attract more new face to my store. Thanks Mui Mukerji & Sparkle Skye. I am so suck in promoting & business issue, I just know design design & design. Without their Advise & their help, I think I can't meet that much lovely people in the expo, I can't meet my designs' fans, I can't let more people know me. Even this expo cause some little drama but ok, overall is good & I am happy that I can see many appreciate face complement my work my design.

The last one & the BIGGEST Thanks is for my lovely customers who stop by my Shop 64 and those who purchase my designs & my limited edition sets. & those who give me many advise & suggestions on my future designs! Really thanks the three generous ones who bid on my Auction sets too! Though I can't make it too attractive to raise the fund more, but this tell me I should improve on my picture skills lol

BIG HUGZ & KISSESSS send to all! I am so happy for this success get from this expo. 2 hours & more , the expo will close. Go for your last treasure hunt & last shopping now! See you there :D

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