Tuesday, 21 August 2007

"Guess How Much?" Round 2

After showing my Very low price But awesome Princess dress in my previous post "Guess How Much?" Round 1 , finally have time to show other gorgeous gown I shopped that day. You can touch the picture & see how details, how awesome shading with awesome texture of both top & prims, & how creative & great the gowns are. The Quality are much more better than those who set their gown above $1000L but suck like crazy. The main point is "you never can guess right in how much it cost!" They are all designed by a talented Victorian dresses designer Raudf Fox of DiamonX Studios.

This gown named "Belle times". All perfect except the flexi setting. It still drive me nuts when walking. But when I know the cost of this gown, I have no more complaint lol how much do you think?


The hair I select this time is from Maitreya . Yes, you don't read wrong, it is from Maitreya . It is so cute & with not bad texture. Well much more better than most hair shop in SL I can say. The good thing is she make all demo for all colour so I can try all before buy. I wish you can make more hair that can show ear, so I can have one more hairstylist for selections when I keep waiting ETD modify her old hairs in new textures. lol I miss you ETD designer lol

This gown named "Romance time". Guess what? I can't control & bought 3 colour of this gown lol yes 3- the purple, the Babyblue & the light pink! hehe. It is just cost $200L! She have totally 4 vendors for you to selection tons of colours. You can see how details it is. Even the sleeves, they are flexi prims instead of texture. Just so neat. & the lace on the prim dress. Just can say PERFECT!

The jewelry set I select to match this dress is my Snow Queen Nevada set in purple (Read the post in PRINCESS OF SNOW)

This fancy gown named "Ball Times". Just like most old European gown with huge butt part. So details, cute & elegant. hehe, I get 3 colours of this too! The red, the green & the blue! Such awesome & details work just cost $200L again!!

This one is no flexi but still gorgeous. It just cost $100L. So why not get this & place in my wardobe hehe. I like the lace & the shape of this dress, it just make me look like a princess.

The jewelry set I selected this time to match this dress is my THIN BLACK VELVET CAMEO CHOKER SET in the cameo name Flora.

So tired today, will take picture on my last one I bought from her later. Keep checking my blog:D

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