Thursday, 9 August 2007

The Truth...

Remember my yesterday post First Impression II Fashion Show ? I received the Brochure today! Think this time must be too many designs in the fashion show, it comes with 2 volume of brochures! It have all 4 designers' bio, & all the designs pictures that show during the show. Including in the brochures bag, there is all landmark of the designers that contribute in the show too! I can't wait & send to my update groups & friends. It look neat but I still feel a bit upset about my part of show that day. So I contact Una Ewing the executive director of the model agency that held the show & talk with her.

She told me that she did a very good fitting & practice many times with all models before the show. And told me that is impossible for the model to wear my jewelry that bad. As she remember when she first come to my castle & my first comment is " I hate to see my jewelries cut into people body or floating in the middle of the neck. I like all people who love my jewelry can wear my jewelry in fitted way". & then she sent me the link of SecondLife Style fashionist . I compare the picture that she took with one that I took, I find that omg, why on that picture the necklace is well fitted but on mine are all just like shit. I finally know that was just my computer. SL not good to me that day :( So all picture I took in my part "models' choice" was bad that all necklace floating in the middle of the neck plus crown hidden into models' hair..

When I heard Una explanations, I feel sorry about adding this mistake to her company. She show me how is the training schedule of her models; how she feel sorry that one model wear no jewelries during the show; how she feel sorry about one model hair not fix well . I can feel how serious she take care of the whole show. Here I would like to apologise for my mistake in thinking their models not wear my jewelry in fitted way. well just my connections bad so took those ugly picture :((

But well, I can say jewelry is really hard to show well in SL fashion show. But thanks god that This model agency have a plasma to show the pictures of every items during the show ; And with that beautiful & neat brochure for all guest after the show. Una ewing even told me she spent whole night & without any sleep to make these 2 brochures. Well for a new established model agency in SL , I really appreciate that they did just a nice show. I bet in my next show she sure will help me think better method to show good for my jewelries.

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