Saturday, 4 August 2007

I find my heels...

Remember my Thursday, 2 August 2007 post Woa! White Princess! But... Where's My heels?! when I was looking something for my feet to match Nicky Ree dress "Kelly -silver"? I can't find any so I wear up her other 2 dresses styles & see if it can cover my feet. Can you see I wearing nothing on my feet? :P

Then I finally remember my friend Sasy Scarborough. She sent me few links of shoe places & I went to one call enkythings. I saw nothing real good there until the last moment when I want to leave ... I found THIS!!

This heels named "Bonita White" by enkythings . Yes just simple, formal & with ok Prims. The best thing is this match my dress well & It have 2 individual huds - the walk sound hud & the sexy walk hud. It suprised me as other than one of my favourite heels shop Sylfie's Prim Seduction, this small shop enkythings have this cute walk sound hud too! Yes it is just so cute when you can hear knock knock knock when walking lol

Then I looking at myself.. I have a nice elegant dress; I have a heels to match; I need to find a jewelry set to match! I opened my jewelries boxes & then I finally select my Princess Diantha Set. Perfect! Am I pretty?

Let's say Y..E..S!

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