Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Glamour Vs Kawaii!

Glamour!! (Mui Mukerji)


Kawaii! (J0rdan Smythe)
little JOrdon in mini crown

Love this crown? details read June08 Member gift.

(Two pictures is picked from my new Flickr group Alienbear's Jewels Mania)


Green Dream said...

Aww, great shots both there! Personally, I'm a glamour fan here.

I really, really hope you do more crowns with similar styles to these, especially with men. I've been saying that everywhere I can to hopefully get the message along. I've seen maybe one other king's crown like this that looked good; all the others are disappointing and not what a queen would want on her man's head.

Whatever you decide to do, I'm excited for your next release! :D

Alienbear Gupte said...

Yes I loved this two pictures that my jewelry lovers posted in my new Flickr group Alienbear's Jewels Mania. They must be so happy to hear that you love their pictures ^^

Btw, I will try to make more King crown in the future. But before that, I made one & my first KING crown that for the charity auction in help raising fund for the RFL in benefit to the American cancer society. Details you can read my design blog at :-
RFL 08' KING & QUEEN crown and Deferance of the crown Auctions

Live Auction Date:-
22 June 2008 at 4-5pm slt (Sunday)

Live Auction place:-
Memory Lane High School

All fund raising will go to the American Cancer Society! It is one of the KInd crown. Sure will have the one of the kind Queen crown auction too. They are both transferable. Wish to see you there Green :))