Saturday, 21 July 2007

Oriental Doll

Did you see any change on me?

Bingo.. I put a new make up & skin on my body. Well I was fans of Lost in Naughty Island. I like natural & I am in Kid avatar always so I used his "[ND] Skins by Lost - Makeup Pack "Natural Tones" Fair " (can't find in SL right now anymore lol) for over a year I think... But few days ago when I tried to took picture in this "Summer Breeze - Ivory (Deco)" by Nicky Ree with my friends, I found omg I can't see my face in far view.. So My friend Mui Mukerji recommand me to try the skins in !Celestial Studios. Personally I feel CS skin not really suit me as her skin too colourful for me & it like puting many many thick base on the face. I did love the lips from CS. But then Mui Mukerji keep telling me NO, try her spring collections, you may like. So I followed Mui & Picked the Demo of CS limited editions Spring & Summer skin to try on.

When I tried the Spring skin, I feel.. NO way.. I look like a toy doll more than natural. It is way too colourful on me but IT really impress me as I can see her eyebrow more details than before. (Most eyebrows in SL body shop look like painting more than real eyebrow.) But then...

I tried to put on The Summer skin...

O it impressed me as it is really more natural compare with her other skins. Though it is still look like a toy doll on me lol But It is so good when I try to zoom to far view for taking pictures. The shading on the skin is good; The Lips are perfect as usual; the eyebow are more realistic than before....So I bought the Fatpack lol..

The one I am wearing is (CS) Vogue Skins - Summer Series - 3. Do I look like an Oriental Doll?

The Dress is from Nicky Ree, It is just 280L!! You can see that no mater the top or the prim dress texture, it is just perfect! So details so real with nice shading. I think white & light colour is the most difficult to make good in SL. But those New designs by Nicky Ree is just too good on that! For the Prim setting, not bad, just maybe if the flexi setting can be fix a little bit so not to show my leg when walking, that will be perfect lol This dress comes with few colours too. You can see below is 2 of the colours my friends selected:-

For the heels, really hardly find any good & simple to match. So I chosed one from my wardrobe (It was a real old design.. I bought it in 2005 lol) "Color Changing Sunflower Sandal" by Asri Falcone. You can change the colour of this lil flowers on the shoe suface. Well, Don't ask me if you can find in sl anymore lol I really don't know haha lol

For the Hair, I select this elegant hair Ayva by ::fetish:: . Remember I was looking for some Top hairstylists? (See Are you on vacations? TOP HAIR STYLIST!!!??? & Where is the TOP Stylist gone?!! ) A lady replied me & suggested ::fetish:: to me. So I went to her shop & try some demos. Well I finally pick this one. It is a shame that there have no hair colour demo for me to try the texture of the hair :( But this hair is nice for me to take closed up picture for my jewelry so I finally buy a $500L fatpack of Ayva with 12 hair colours included. Umm.. The style look cute & elegant but not all the Hair textures are good. Personally I think The blonde pack is the best texture among all in this hair style. You can see the front & back view of this hair on the above picture.

For the Jewerly, as this dress is kinda simple & all white so I select my very simple Star Version in Double band Diamond Set (Modify from Mar2006 design) . Cute & elegant?

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