Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Are you on vacations? TOP HAIR STYLIST!!!???

See how pretty I am! This is another colour of gown named Divine by Nicky Ree. Perfect texture make it look so real. It make me like a Chinese wedding bride lol


When I try to find a nice updo to match.. I just ....

OK again.. Where are all the top hair stylist gone?! I really want some nice updo or whatever that make me look elegant. But I can't find any... Well I did have some nice updo in my inventory but I am so boring to use them again & again....

O yes. look at my necklace, my ring , my bracelet & earrings.. Are they nice & elegant? you want it? Check my blog at GOLD JEWEL - BijouxOr Design to see what is including in this set & how to get it.

OK again.. I NEED TOP HAIRSTYLIST so I can have more hair to match & show my jewelry & my favourite outfit ...


Phedora said...

Check out the Hairspray sim - the entire sim is various hair merchants!

Other suggestions:
Deviant Kitties
Naughty Designs

Alienbear Gupte said...

thx phedora..
umm I am Kin fans too , but they are just good on few causal cute hair.. & no elegant or updo hair as I know.

I did have one to 2 updo design by naughty Designs. Yes their old hair real good but those new scupties one look like a bowl on head.. lol wish they will make more nice hair by normal prim...

ETD, I was her fans Before , their hair style is awesome especially the updo & some short hair. BUT after they do a huge sales & rebuild their store.. the updo style are not great as before... the texture now is VERY suck too, that make me stop buying any more again. But I know they will change new texture that seems much better, I will looking forward for their new release...

Umm Deviant Kitties.. o never know about that, I should go & have a look. thank you so much Phedora

Phedora said...

Deviant Kitties might still be a little too edgy/casual for what you're looking for still, but they might still have a few styles that would work. I totally agree with all of your comments about Kin, Naughty and ETD - it really is too bad there aren't more good hair designers in SL.

A couple more ideas:
Fetish Hair Salon (I think some of these styles would look very cute on a child av too)
aden by Aden Breyer
Curl Up & Dye might have a couple of reasonable updos as well.

Good luck! It's not always easy being a perfectionist in Second Life especially when it comes to shoes and hair. ;)

Alienbear Gupte said...

tysm Phedora, I will try them. O yes I check the Deviant Kitties, umm her style look like kin one but too punk for me. the texture not too really impress me but still better than most hair designer in sl.

Btw seems you like collecting hair too. try
* Empyrean Emporium - the style is special & neat, texture on hair not bad
* Celestial Studios - new texture awesome for this! but not too many selections right now.
* cala - Her old Updo is not bad. But her style tends to cute more than elegant.

Let's wait the top stylist back from VACATIONS lol