Thursday, 26 July 2007

An email...

Funny that I recieved an email from a real life company named Luckychair today, it said,

Hello Alienbear,

FYI - Your product name matches our existing company name. To avoid confusion with our company's products and services, we strongly request that you consider changing the name of your jewelry line.

Thank you,


lol hahaha I can't keep laughing as I have no product name as luckychair. But just list out the monthly chair gifts in SL as XX/XX Lucky chair gifts & mobven gifts,.. hahaha The creator of this Lucky chair in sl will be in danger too? What can I do?

*PS ... May be they should thx me as I paste the email here so is another method to help him promote hahaaha (may be they bug me is because they want me to help promote like this hahahah)

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