Monday, 4 June 2007

WOOTIE! Congraduations to Aunti Beautifull Princess !

Congradations to Aunti & Unkies! I am honor to be invited to design the jewelries for the bride, bridemaid & flowergirls (Read "I am Back! " to see few closed up jewelry picture I took in wedding)

Ali (right) & Snow (Left) are the flowergirls of aunti's wedding. Look at our flowergirl dress, are they pretty? They are designed by my genuis cousin Lilprincess Snowdrop !! I love her dresses sooo much! I like to keep turning around & around & I wearing her dress. Her dresses are soo cute & pretty good in both primwork & texture. Go ahead snow, I can see you keep improve in your design. I love you snow!

Look I am the ring carrying flowergirl in the wedding. Am I look cute? I love to be flowergirls sooooo much. This time is my first them be a ring carrier. But I do jeolous snow as she got a soooo pretty flowergirl basket. OK I will go & get one for me as collections !! O yes, I collect awesome flowergirls baskets hehe & Guess who I bought most? .. BINGO! That is Jade Opel, the best prim hand flowers designer in SL. I even got her bridemaid flowers & bride flowers too!!!

I was so happy in the wedding. Just kinda laggy in the wedding as always. It make my jewelry picture look a bit weird but hehe I will take a better promotion picture soon!!! wootie!

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