Tuesday, 5 June 2007

New comers to my Zoo!!

Bear papa & Bear Mami are in my Zoo since last year. They are created by my unkie Dak Harbinger! He make some cool animals & has a store called Dak's Custom Creations in the wood hut in my Zoo . OMG wait.. let us go closer to the mami bear...

There are 2 new born bear babies! Are they look cute?
O look! What's that ? It is a Crocodile with sharp teeth! Want to get one home? Go to Dak's Custom Creations & buy him home!
Howl... What's that sound? WOLFFFF... My grandpa RedWolf Misfit & grandma Shorty Luna gift this to me today! It is so cool. It is from my favourite place CREATIVE FANTASY HOME & GARDEN ! I think one day all animals from there will be found in my Zoo !~

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