Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Busy day today...

Aww.. who is she? This is ali in big... Ali do a magic & in her big avatar for whole DAY! Many things happens today.. work work work & work .. on my never ended orders. & yes ali need to earn money in supporting the land renting cost, so work hardly these days. But then today I tried to fix many dramas happening between all I love today... Sometimes ali will think:-

"It is hard to meet someone in your life that is really care about you or you care about.. no matter it is your lovers, your family or your friends. Is that worth to break the friendship between 2 buddies due to business or whatever some kind of small issues? "

"Why there are people in SL that try to come & take advantage from you or your family in SL? What are they thinking? Is that the reason why people don't like those who try to play KID avatars? Ali is a good kid in SL, yes she never think of get anythings from others but just LOVE. Why there are some people use KID avatars to cheat others & then make people think KID avatars must be bad?"

"Why people like to steal the design from the real designers? Ali read many cases that who copy whose designs, who stealing whose idea.. well my designs were being stolen by someone too again & again.. some admit, some never! This 2 years Ali learned in SL that keep talking to myself - Don't blame on those copycats anymore, as You can do nothing to avoid that. Copycats just show how creative & how awesome designer you are. Really want to jump into those copycats' brain & see what are they thinking.... TOO BAD."

"I hate people asking me for my shape again & again. I rejected once so please don't ask for second. My shape is unique in SL just like me in RL .. I am unique no one can be me!"

OKAY ALI, stop thinking.. get back to work & then be the cutiest & happiest lil kid in SL!

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