Thursday, 21 June 2007

Design Voice

Wootie finally have someone creat a forum that for all designers in SL to share informations of copycat in SL!!! I hate copycat. Some copied by design before .. some admit & took off, some never admit. We seems can do nothing.. We spent so many time, money, creative ideas to design our artwork.. hair, jewelry , clothes.. etc but those suck copycat copy our designs & sell them as their own creation & claim that which blog which forum said they are lead of sl world.... they designs are so innovative.. blah blah blah.. But well.. that's my design.. but ...

Sigh .. so sigh.. BUT now we as a SL designer can join togther & share the informations. Thanks Sachi Vixen to creat this forum named.. Design Voice . Click & register now so we can share the informations. Customers are welcome too as sometimes we as a SL designers always stick with our workshop & not usually visit the outside world in SL. But you as a customer, have great fashion sense & will know who copies whose design. So once you find that, just take pictures & then share your information collecting in Design Voice. All designers will be more than happy & send many thanks to you ! Join now !!!

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