Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Can I get a pass??

yawn... after using two weeks days & nights practice, try & test. I finally finish my rl homework my first project"leaflet"!! As I said I use my second life jewelry designs to work on this leaflet. Not kidding, I really use my design on this lol Give me some comment! This is my first time making leaflet. My teachers are so picky & I wish I can pass this time. Here's the picture, you can touch each picture to see the close up:-

Front View:-

I don't know how to draw, so I search image from Googles & find a castle door image. Then I modified it by using PS & come out this picture.

When you open the door in the middle, you will see the next page:-

I used the Opera house in second life as my background, sure I did some edits on it before I used as background. Winter is coming so I select my Snow Queen Nevada Set & Crown & my Queen Heidi rings from my JULY-SEPT 2007 LUCKY CHAIRS GIFTS. The gorgeous gown sure is from Nicky Ree. She is one of my favorite now. I even bought her Limited edition "shine" pink dress named as "Mara" at her main shop too! hehe this dress I added a diamond brooch in the middle & make it more elegant & real. Real hair look sure the must to select ETD. Real & lovely skin I choose Celestial Studios this time. Who is "Wendy Au Yeung" in the right hand bottom corner?! hehe that is my real name !!

When you open the middle, it comes a 8 min pages inside:-

These are my Snow Queen Nevada Set & Crown , Princess Nieve Jewelry set & crown & my Queen Heidi rings from my JULY-SEPT 2007 LUCKY CHAIRS GIFTS. Since I want to make them look as a Royal Winter Bridal Series, I named all them to Queen Nevada & Princess Nieve. hehe. Look ok?

This is the back view of the leaflet:-

Did you find that there is a hotline? hahaha sure it is not a real telephone number. I just want to make the whole leaflet more real.

So do you think that I will pass in this project? Pray for me please!


Mui Mukerji said...

wooo omg how impressive !!! ho len ah !!! u must pass ga dont worry !!!
prays for u !!! give u all my luck ga !!

Alienbear Gupte said...

thank you so much mui mui ^^
*Hand shaking* (ali is so worried)

Hazel Kyrgyz said...

Wow, I think you will pass. I love how the royal diamonds comment above the door in the first picture looks like it is carved. It must be really cool to hold in your hand your designs in a leaflet even just for a homework assignment. Good luck!!

Sparkle Skye said...

Great Job on it I know how hard you worke. Congrats!!

Sparkle Skye said...

You did a great job on it! In know how frustrating it is to do print but very nicely done and professional look. Congratulations!!

Alienbear Gupte said...

wootie tysm Hazel & sparky! & nod nod it is more hard than I expect. everytime just like need to finish "Mission" in playing PC Games!! well after this mission, still have 3 waiting for me! but good is the final mission is "make a webpage"! woot I will use my designs as the product of my webpage project! any idea where I can get some free but large upload webpage? ^^ If I done that homework, I will put my final product (my webpage) on line, so all my jewelry lovers can read my design more easy^^ can't wait that mission haha.