Friday, 23 November 2007


After handing in my first rl homework about my "leaflet", I have a week vacation back to my rl. Since 25Nov is my rl birthday hehe. Because of that I went to see many 3D & 4D movies these days. O yes, Hong Kong finally have 3D & 4D cinema! For the 4D one, I watched the Beowulf! It is just awesome, I typically love the Grendel's Mother & the Dragon characters. The CG of this movies just so cool. Especially with the 4D , it is just more than cool! I can't wait & check the Beowulf Offical site after I home & find that they creat a SECOND LIFE BEOWULF area in second life! I can't wait & log in to check!

There is a free Beowulf avatar there. but too bad that there isn't any other avatar for sell other than this. & the Island just have the party house in the movie only. But still cool. Here is some pictures:-

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