Friday, 30 November 2007

CHRISTAL the Ice Crystal

Few months ago I received a generous lady Alaska Metropolitan 's invitations about designing something limited/ one kind for collecting money for charity purpose. I always support Charity event so I accept her invitations. I think if you keep checking news on sl fashion planet, you must heard about "SHINE". The proceeds from the event will be donated to Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders. This non-profit agency delivers much needed emergency medical relief to impoverished and war-torn countries. Well, It started from November 10th till December 15th. But since I was so busy in rl, I didn't make anything till now. Really sorry for that Alaska. I will try my best to see what I can do for "SHINE".

Winter is coming, so this time I get inspiration from snow, ice & Christmas decorations to design a gorgeous formal set named as Princess Christal. Right now I just finish the necklace, I wish I can have the full set done in this couple of days so it can help collect more money for "SHINE". It will be sold as limited edition sets & if I still have time, I will make an auction set for this event.

Btw, Christmas is coming. I will design few sets for this big holiday too! If I have time, I may hold a hunt before Christmas. Urgh.. I still haven't got any time to decorate my place yet. Wish I can prepare all before Christmas coming.

4am in my place now.. think I really need to sleep. If you want to donate some money to "Shine" before buying this coming limited set, Just stop by my PLATIUM JEWEL - Alienbear Design, you will see a big poster of "shine". Just feel free to donate some money to the box beside. Even $1L is good for them. Thanks all.


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