Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Victorian ali

Am I gorgeous? Silver Rose Design released a new Victorian dress named Melba Grows Up! Yuriko the designer start make use of Sculpties to design her dress. Drapings & the ribbons are representations of Yuriko's design & this time she make use of Sculpties to craft them out & make it more smooth & real. I love the hats & the cuffs so much. Yuriko release 6 colours of this design. This is just gorgeous & make me look like a Victoria style lady.

With this elegant dress, I went to ETD salon & set a hairstyle named "ETD Sofia" & do a "Smoke Burnt" highlight. My friend Mui told me that this hairstyle are so popular in sl now!!

Be an elegant Victoria style lady, how can I wear nothing on my ears & hand to match. So I picked one of my ring from my $10L simple pearl sets & a pair of Earrings from my Yuriko Pearl Set.

Okies "Cheeseee", good shoot ! Here comes out sweet VICTORIAN ALI!

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