Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Cute lil HOMELESS witch!~

Too bad that my place down since 10:00pm sl time. I was so boring so called Mui . She told me that she bought the VERY cute "Death and Jack-O-lantern AV" at just $25L each in BareRose. (Read Ready For Halloween !!! ^^) So I can't wait to shop! I bought them & then I saw a cute Witches outfit named "Black Sorceress" including 3 colours (Purple, Gold & Pink) in a pack which just in $140L!! So I bought it & try the purple!

I then wore my boots (not yet release but Designed by Sylfie's Prim Seduction) , my Starflake earrings (Jewelry Expo limited edition 1L set) & pick up my flying broom (bought from Lauren Fox last year). Then flied to Mui's Island. Yes I am homeless now since my place still DOWN!!

I landed on her Pirate boat & take a few shoot. Am I cute? Well for $140L it is so cute & neat. Well other than the flexi settings of the prim part & her texture long boot in the pack, all goes so cute & good. Great for Halloween!

Look my hat! it is sculpties! Cute?

Poor me a lil homeless witch!!! Wish I can back home & finish my work soon!!!

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