Saturday, 6 October 2007

Scary Haunted house!!

You like Haunted house? This one is a must to visit!
Halloween Manor at DarkDharma Avatar Isle

Yes! I love this Isle so much. Apart from different themes in this place with many freebies packs & fantasy avatar/ outfit, there is a part with special themes in every season. AND sure this Halloween, the owner of this place created an awesome Haunted house.

In order to make your trip more scary, the creator recommend us to :-
* Force sun to midnight
* Switch off your music
* Switch on your sound

Inside the Manor, there are NINE TAROT BAGS for you to hunt. So make use of your "object edit" tools to left click on every objects inside the house. Once you see there is "Tarot Bags # 1 -9" in the content, touch to rez the bag out . And you will find a little tarot bags rezing above that. touch the bag to get the FREE Halloween items.

During the visit, you can touch everything you see in the house. It will run many cool & scary sound effect. The manor have 2 floor level & the grave yard. If you like the items inside the house, some can buy also. Well to make it more mysterious, I will not show too many pictures here. I strongly recommend you enjoy your visit slowly till all the items rez. & touch every items in the house & hear the awesome scary sound & effect. They are just amazing. Don't forget to make use of your camera to look around in EVERY LEVEL. Since those effect & sound will just happen when you pass though the sensor. So better go though every corner.

I just found 6 bags only, still finding the #5 - #7 bags hehe. I will check back later lol

The most amazing room is at the 2nd floor level. There is a little kid room. I bet it will make you feel fantastic if you like scary things! you see there is a door upstair showing in the below pictures? Yes , walk up the steps slowing & you will hear the scary kid sound & then open the door.....

Don't forget to find all NINE TAROT BAGS there. What are you waiting? Visit Halloween Manor at DarkDharma Avatar Isle NOW!


Floresha Vuckovic said...

That Haunted House gives me the creeps. D: I could barely sleep after being in the childrens room.
Thanks for writing about it. <33

Alienbear Gupte said...

yes hehe the children room is a must to visit. you know what, I bought those scary items from that room for my place. & then that night when I set them out. I really don't want to look at them, Everytimes & look at them & hear the effect & sounds, I feel so creepy. I even need to open all light in my rl room when I set them out haha...

Floresha Vuckovic said...

Omg, you dared to buy those things? o_o
The child on the bed is horrible, it makes me want to cry.
I can understand that you need to have the lights on. xD
I had the lights on in my rl room when I was in there. I mean, MAYBE some of those scary toys where under my rl bed or something, you'll never know. :P

Esmeralda said...

wow, what a great find, I just love horror places...have to check it out soon!!
Thanks for sharing!