Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Dragons Hatching!

I found a cool & fun place today! It is a nice & beautiful place that hiding some animating dragons. I think it has over 20 dragons hiding & need us to Hatch them.

To hatch them , we need to start from the egg nest. Pay $30L to buy one egg nest. Each egg nest can hatch one Dragon.

Wear the Egg nest you buy. Then start your adventure in that huge awesome place. Well, It really like a pokemon game. Don't forget to get the notecard from the stand that beside the nest. It tells you the hint, the clue, & the pictures of all the dragons on the land. Some are really cool.

I firstly attracted by this awesome waterfall with the mysteric statue. I follow the river & I jump into the water.

O, there is a cave under the water! My egg talk to me when I go into the cave.
"Egg: You feel a shift in the egg as it reacts to the spiritual powers of the area." you will read this in your chat history when you hit the right point. Please note that the point is so narrow so once you read this message, just keep standing in that point to wait for the egg coming response. It will give you few responses within around 40mins. During your waiting time, the egg will keep flashing. more energy it absorbs, more bright is the egg.

& then the last response will tell you the egg crack & you will receive a dragon of that point, a dragon hud that control the dragon & the command notecard. Yes the dragon can blow fire, can chat, can open eyes.. etc. it is so fun that it can do many things.

Woot this dragon called "Royal". I then named it as Anger! (hehe as I am not that patient to wait that long. but well it attract me when I know there is 20 & more hiding. lol)

Then I feel it is so fun & want to the egg nest to buy another egg. Then I fly through the land till I see a big tree.

The egg talk to me in this point! "Egg: You feel a shift in the egg as it reacts to the spiritual powers of the area." It's a very hard time to stable my locations. Someone teach me to rez a box & then sit on it. Then move it till I hear the egg talk in the chat history. lol

Around 40 mins, my egg cracks! I received a cute "Greenpae" Drake. I named it as Rainbow lol yes I can name it hehe...

I read my notecard & see at least 20 Drakes can be hatch in this sim! I must come back later when I have time! Yes this is a bit boring when sitting for over 40mins to wait an egg to crack but it is so fun to find the hatching point though lol Plus I like Dragon so much. $30L & can spent you at least one & more hours to get a Dragon is so fun & worth !! Good & Fun place to spend your time & collect some cute creatures. Well, I really want to get the one called "Spirit". Good luck to me ^^

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