Thursday, 20 December 2007

My RL first project PASS!!!!

Remembered this picture & my previous post "Can I get a pass??" about my 1st real life project in making a leaflet by using my sl jewelry design? Woot I get a pass!!! Well the result not really too good, just get a "B+", But already make me like put a stone off from my shoulder & heart. The first project is pass, so the next mission is coming.. I need to hand in my final project on 20 March 2008 in making a "Webpage". Well yes, just like my 1st project, I will keep using my design as the project. I want to make a webpage to gather all my design up for a real long time. So this time is a very good chance for me to do that.

But well more worst than making a leaflet, I know nothing about the dreamweaver, the flash or 3D max. These few lesson in learning the basic usage of dreamweaver really drive me nuts. It really make me crazy when my teacher teach us how to make a simple form like the one in Yahoo sign up. But I know I will try my best to learn so I can have my own webpage to show all my entire designs.

OKies need to back to sl now ^^ since I still have many works to do. O yes, don't miss out the Shine Charity fashion show! Check Metro Models for details :D

P.S. The dress (Nicky Ree) & the hair (ETD ) I am on in the pictures are still my favorite lol

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