Friday, 7 December 2007

*Alchemy* give me New Dreams!

My friend Mui know me seeking for help on finding New Talented SL Fashion Designers so she show me her Free Christmas Dress from Alchemy by Constanza Volare. She is just too cute on that dress so I beg her bring me there to have a look. I then look around, I just got attracted by the pictures of Gowns hanging on the wall. Few of the dress designs look elegant & nice. The Colours are very rich & so I got demos of some gowns & try on. For a new designer, she really make good on the textures & shading. Even the Prim of the dress are not really good but I can see that she try her best to make the textures on the prim look real. Just maybe still very fresh in crafting Prim in sl. Normally I don't buy any "PAPER LIKE" & "BAD FLEXI" dresses but since her texture & shading work really good comparing with most fashion designer in SL. Also the design of the dress she choice/design is really sweet & elegant so I finally do a try in buying this dress "Silver Dreams". Mui bought the gold one too lol

Well for a $250L, this is really a not bad dress. Even the neck part & the Prim dress part still have room for improvement, I can see this designer Constanza Volare has potential to be the Next Nicky Ree! Maybe can do much better than her if she keep improving her Prim crafting skills. The good thing is even she is very good on graphic skills, her dresses show on the pictures are still look the same when wearing on avatar. I appreciate her honesty. I love her colour using on the background on her ads, it is just so professional & stunning. The good things is her dress in reasonable price & have demo for me to try on.

To match this dress, I select my
Oriential Tang Earrings Silver version (Ivory Moonstone). Well I just placed out the Gold Jade version in my store only butwill place out more gem stone colours & silver version in my store soon. If you love it & can't wait, you can im me directly in world & I can sell you one first lol

The heels I select is Tesla (Silver) from Zhao Shoes while hair from ETD Salon.

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I already told Mui, but I have to say it again! This dress is awesome, stunning... I don't know! It's brilliant! I love it! I thought my favourite was the gold one, but now I am not sure anymore!