Saturday, 8 December 2007

I am so happy today!!

When I log on today, My sl mami AZULL ASH told me that she bought one limited edition set GOLD "Princess Christal" that I designed for raising funds for Doctor Without Border! & then she told me a very generous guy Stroker Serpentine send me $10000 L for the donations! I already put into the "donation box" in my store!!! I am so happy that they are really nice for helping in raising fund. Here I want to thank you so much for all your donations & all who purchase my Princess Christal sets. But this is not yet end, there are still having couple of sets available in BijouxOr Design Main Store & Alienbear Design Main Store at Le'Bear Castle!

Let's Buy a set & save more lives. Thank you so much ^^

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Alienbear Gupte said...

Wootie, Mami AZULL you are just so cool. Thanks for sending your friend message about donation to SHINE. & Thanks your friend TCL Heart donate SHINE $500L. Thx thx!