Wednesday, 19 December 2007

LAST set of Luckychair jewelry sets...

I started designing something UNIQUE & LIMITED for Lucky chair gifts since Sept 2006. Already a year & 3 months. Every sets I spent many time & imaginations to creat And never creat trashes. Some even spent me a month to creat & design. Did you get them all? Did you get any compliment when wearing them? In every moment when I changed new lucky chair sets, it always make my traffic go over 5-14k. Same as before, This month ... my lucky chair sets attract many hoopers come & wait for it.

I am here to thanks all guys & girls keep supporting my lucky chair designs even I didn't get any award, even I didn't social much, even I just keep staying in my workshop design & design. Thank you so much for those who collect all my entire Lucky Chair sets. But well, my friends always said that:-

"Ali, do you think that you spent like few weeks or even a month to design something, but then just place for 2 months is really waste of your designs?"

"... Some people create tons of alt & camp for your design & resell.. I feel they seems take advantage from you..."

Well I keep thinking & thinking about their every words & yes I really feel I got so much stress in keep enforcing myself to design something special for Lucky chairs every two months. & then those designs just place for 2 months. Yes seems really waste. But well, I am weird lol I am happy that there is someone who creat alts & then hoop for my luckychair gifts & resell or gift to someone. Since that means my design is worth for money & means people love my designs. & they are willing to spend time in my place to hoop for the lucky chair gifts. They make me really appreciate since they help my traffic keep raising & keep building up my confident in keep designing jewelry in sl. & Everytime when I see people wearing my design, I feel so happy really so happy & smile in my heart.

I think of this for a long time till this month, I really feel tired in designing something but just for 2 months. So the Dec 2007 Luckychair sets will be the Last LuckyChair sets. After 31 Jan 2008, I will temporary stop designing any lucky chair jewelry set till further notice.

Because this is End of 2007 & because Dec 2007 LC sets are the last sets of lucky chair jewelry sets, I plan to set up some mobvens & then placed out all my ENTIRE LC SETS in my castles till 31 Jan 2008.

Yes I am now setting up.. ... "SEPT2006" & "OCT2006" sets are already in 2 of the mobvens. I will keep setting out others entire LC sets. If you miss out some of my entire Lucky chair sets & want to have it, don't miss these coming mobvens in my place.

& sure This month Luckychair gifts ( Dec07 LC Aputsiaq Platinum sets, Dec07 LC Aputsiaq Gold sets ) still working till 31 jan 2008. But Kid luckychair sets already close this month to save more prim in my place.

Keep checking my design blogs to see more release & more holiday surprise.

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