Thursday, 13 December 2007


I am so silly & careless! I mis-set My Limited edition Platinum "Princess Christal" that Design for "SHINE" set 29 as "SELL AS COPY"! I don't know that till today I find that OMG I sold TEN set of set 29 ! After deleting the remaining set at my Platinum store, there is still overselling 5 set of Platinum.. so I finally got an idea! Take away 5 sets of GOLD & that means..
This limited Edition sets will be 55 Set Platinum & 45 set GOLD in world finally!

& yes so NOW wooties! ALL Platinum Princess Christal (Shine set) SOLD! Thank you so much for those who donating money in this set! & So sorry I make the big mistake.

So How many GOLD remaining? 27 Set remaining only!

Stop by BijouxOr Design Main Store & get one now! Buy a set & can save more people!

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