Sunday, 9 December 2007

Ali the Blue "Pixeldolls"

PixelDolls released a very cute & cool avatar sets with eyes, lashes, shape, skin, ao, full outfits, boots, hair! I love the dress so much so I bought it after I read their blog. In the picture, I just wear the dresses, the AO & the blue eyes inside the sets; then I set my Freebie hair at ETD Salon; wear my boots from Maitreya . Use my own avatar shape & "fall" skin from Celestial City.

The texture & shading of this dress is just so good. I especially love the AO & the overall design of this dress. The Prim of the dress setting is good too. The torn part of the lace socks & the glove is really so cool! I love it so much! Well, the shape & the skin including in the set not really suit my taste. I love the boots style including in set but the prim seems still have room to improve. I love Maitreya boots more. Maybe the boot including in the set just fit the shape it included. But well the whole set is just $400L, so even just for the eyes, the AO & the dresses; it is still very worth to get! There is 3 more colour for your selections too. but personally I love blue so I select the blue one.

The jewelry sets I wear is one of my coming release the Princess Krystelle. The Snowflake in the middle was my early 2007 snowflake design. Love it? no worry, keep checking my update group or Blog. Will release soon ^^

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