Sunday, 30 December 2007

Woot! Shine set all sold!!!

I am so happy that all 100 sets limited edition Princess Christal (70 platinum & 30 gold), that designed for SHINE to raising fund for Doctor Without Border , are all SOLD!! Totally collected $200,000L for SHINE! I received so many request asking me if this set are still available for sell these days. but I am sorry to say "it's all sold out" for those who are late for buying this set. Thank you so much for your generosity & loving this design. I will try to make more & more nice design in the future :D

**31Dec2007 Update:-
Since many imed me & have the same idea that "why not let the charity have that extra money/benefit? '
If you love this set & want to buy, just im me in sl before 1 Jan 2008 midnight & I will sell one to you! It is $2000L. Waiting for you :D

** 1Jan2007 Update:-
Shine set close. 3 more sets sold. So we help collecting $206,000L for shine in selling this limited edition set. Well, My 4 auction sets help collecting few k too. Happy that my design can help raising fund. This is a really good new year gifts for me - "happy in helping others".


Kat said...

I hate this crap. If that many more people want to buy your item (including me) and it's for charity, why not let the charity have that extra money/benefit?

Also it is the holidays, not everyone is online very much during this time.

- Tardis Noel

Alienbear Gupte said...

OH yes, "why not let the charity have that extra money/benefit? " it's sound right. Good point. When I design this I just think, ah if I make it as limited editions, it maybe attract more people to buy so can raise the fund as soon as possible before the dead line. Oh yes the dead line is 1 Jan 2007. & I get stress so easy, I was worry if I told shine that I have 200 set for sell but then I just sell 100 set , I will feel "i am sorry that I can't help raising that much fund, I will feel my design not attractive to help raise more.."

But yes you are right! if there is still having people love this design, why not I sell till the end day. I think those who purchase in time one will not mind! okies!!!

From now, I will sell to those who love this set & till the close day 1 Jan 2007! Tysm Kat for your comment, you give me new idea ^^