Thursday, 29 October 2009

Mui super model shape II

After Mui's Supermodel shape, here is another tailor made shape by Mui Mukerji for those who want to be a model in sl. If you want further model styling from Mui Mukerji, just contact her for details!

Where to buy?


jewels said...

Hello Alienbear gupte..

I must admit your designs are amazing me.. I tried to contact you in facebook but no reply.. I will keep on looking for how to contact you until i get a reply.. I know you are very busy designing.. I just wanted to ask you if you will allow us to bring your designs into real life.. I read ur profile and its your dream to design in real life.. So please if you
can just contact me on my email to talk about this.. Thanx alot, hadiya

Silver Countess said...

So pretty.... *looks at pic*

~Yuriko M.