Monday, 15 June 2009

Temp Urgent Leave from SL

From today till further annoucement, I will back to real life for a while due to real life issues.

I have to prepare my friend's real life wedding this month and some sudden thing happen tonight. My cat Silver suddenly born 2 kitty tonight. One dead and one alive but Silver seems don't even touch it or taking care of it. We even don't know she pregnant. The worst thing is we don't know if there is still any babies left in her belly. It was a very terrible night since we don't even know how and what to do. I think I have to take care of this poor baby & the poor mommy Silver. So start from today, I will stop taking any custom orders or design anything new. Any quires on my designs, please send notecard with your name to our CMO MUI MUKERJI. She will help you to take care of it. Thank you so much for your understanding. See you later when I back. Please help to pray the cat mommy & the kitty all well. If you have cat that born baby before, It would be so nice to share your experience with me here. I am so worry right now. Anyway wish all of you have a nice & fun rl & sl. okies got to back to my kitties.

Alienbear Gupte


ShoppingFreak said...

Im so sorry to hear the passing of the poor little kitty.My cat gave birth 5 weeks ago to 6 kittens.She instinctly knew what to do.My only suggestion is to take her into the vet.Sometimes cats only have 2 kittens.Mine decided to torture me and have 6 lol.
I hope mommy and kitty will be ok.If she is unwilling to feed to the poor kitty,then you will need to hand feed him/her with cat milk and a small doll bottle.They eat typically anywhere from every 1 1/2 hrs to 3 hrs.If your cat sleeps on a blanke see if you can wrap the baby in that so your cat smells it and hopefully will want to start to nurse it.All the best of luck

Ana Lutetia said...

Hope everything turns out great for your kitties. ^^