Monday, 16 February 2009

Lost in the forest...

In the forest

Been sick since Jan 09, don't really know why I keep weaker & weaker these days. Expecially after moving my home to this new place... Maybe China really too polluted and blow the polluted air to Hong Kong. I keep coughing and very weak these days. Doc said I maybe having Asthma.. if yes , that will be a nightmare for me. I remember the pain my 2 brother had when they had Asthma in their young age. The illness make all my sl schedule slow down; make most of my plan terminate; dispointing some of my sl partners.. really want to use this moment to say sorry to those designers who I promise to design jewelry for but finally design nothing.

Today I have no mood when my respiration system really feel uncomfortable. I checked my inventory and see this flower gown. This is designed by my friend Nardya Rousselot. A brand new sl designer who is very talented. I love many of her innovative designs. Well, Personally I am not a flower lover, but don't know why at this moment, I really want to run into forest, and smelling the fresh air. I want to hide in the forest and becoming a flower. No more polluted air and let me hide in this forest pretending flowers for a while.....

Pray for god to give good health to me.....

Picture took at 16 Feb 2009 in Second life;
Dress from - Nardcotix -;
Hair from Curl up and Dye Salon;
Heels from ZHAO;
Pose from Reel Expression;
Jewelry from "Alienbear's Designs

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